Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Phillip Island Birds - Oswin Roberts Sanctuary

A few shots from Ozzie Bobs taken in recent times.

This bit of bush has always been good for honeyeaters (especially if they have bits of white on them)...

White-naped honeyeater
White-eared honeyeater
White-plumed honeyeater
It seems that there is always a Superb fairy-wren family around every corner.

Male Superb fairy-wren, Oswin Roberts Sanctuary, Phillip Island
Spotted pardalote
Distant view of a Golden whistler enjoying morning sunshine
Grey currawong looking menacing as always
Satin flycatcher - female (April 2014)
Galah inspecting tree-hollows

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  1. Wonderful birds. I love the little wren.

  2. Wow ! Wonderful pictures of these beautiful birds !

  3. I do miss Victoria and the large variety of easily accessible birds habitats.
    Great selection as always Pete, I just love all the fairy wrens and to date have three in my bag.

  4. Great collection of birds. The Fairy Wren is one of my favorites.