Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shadows & Silhouettes, birding Phillip Island

Had some fun with the last low rays of sun at Phillip Island last weekend.

It is certainly the best time to photograph Hooded plover (and the only way of catching that red eye ring)!

Hooded plover (Silverleaves / Observation Point Beach, Phillip Island) casting an emu shadow!

Can you guess the silhouettes?

Another "Small bird, tall shadow" shot! Red-capped plover.
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  1. Fantastic shots! The shadows and silhouettes are fun.

  2. A great series of photos and the Hooded Plovers are something I would really like to see!

  3. HI Phil NO I would not have known they were Masked Lapwing but the other shots are really lovely

  4. lovely photos Pete, and the first one - it is tagged?

  5. Lovely shot of the Hooded Plovers. That's a bird I've never seen. I'm guessing the first silhouettes are Masked Lapwings based on the leg length and the beak, then the second looks like your last shot so I will go with a Red-capped Plover and the last bird looks like a Tern.

  6. lovely intro' shot there Pete - noted the tag ... and is there a ring too? Do you pass on your info/when sighted too?