Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Only dropped in for a Chat, but I'll be back!

With a couple of young teens in tow I managed a truncated reconnaissance visit to the Wonthaggi Heathlands last weekend. The car is left at a small car park at the southern end of Chisolm Rd and we blundered on down the track that heads for Cutler's Beach. There has been much rain in the area and our chosen track was one of the many that had become waterlogged.

White-fronted chat, Wonthaggi Heathlands

We were forced to turn around when the track turned into a quicksand-like slurry. This was not before a nice feeling about the place had fallen upon me. The habitat and scenery are pleasing. The place has an unspoilt feel about it and with such species as Southern emu-wren on the target list I'll be back!

As we left I noticed a sign announcing two Heathland Circuit Walks (short and long, 1.6k and 4.2k) which may have been a better choice! Next time I'll go better armed perhaps with the Eremaea bird list for Wonthaggi Heathlands (91 birds over 16 lists). It also contains this useful advice:
Fire dam is a great place to sit down and let the birds come to you.
Of course this may not apply at the moment as there is no shortage of watering spots!

A stone's throw from such interesting human interventions as the Wonthaggi Wind Farm and Victorian Desalination Plant
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  1. What a fascinating looking area and so many birds species. Certainly a place to visit next time I get across to Vic.

  2. What a very nice birding place you have found! Makes mw wish I still lived in Victoria.

  3. Looks like a lovely place to visit.

  4. I've got a feeling that the bit about the fire dam was written when the drought was on, and the dam was the only water left. Having said that, it is good advice, especially when summer is approaching.

  5. Have to check this place out next time we are down that way.

  6. Thanks Pete! As per Happy's comment above, note to self: visit end of summer with chair and picnic for the fire dam :-)

  7. Nice bird - my most reliable location for these is on the Bellarine Peninsula nr. Queenscliff

    Thanks for the info about the EYR - it would seem it is one of your contacts birds.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne