Monday, September 9, 2013

Birdsong from Doongalla in The Dandenongs

You sort-of "had to be there" but I felt immersed in bush and birdsong at the Doongalla section of the Dandenong Ranges earlier last week. The video doesn't really do it justice (you may turn your speakers up a little ....)

What can you hear?

I do remember the first time I heard a Crimson rosella making its "Honky tonk" call. "What was that?" This was the first time I had been able to watch a bird at close range make the call. I was intrigued that such little bill movement was required for such a resonant piping!

Crimson rosella
Laughing kookaburra perching and stretching a wing. Another flew to the ground having spotted something of interest. 

Australian King-parrot
Eastern yellow robin not far from its nest
Not a great shot of a Red-browed treecreeper but I see these infrequently so this was a good day!

You can read more about the history of the Doongalla homestead here (go to page 3 of this pdf file which is a chapter from a local history written by a Richard Coxhill). The house was destroyed by bushfire in 1932 and the property eventually bought by the State Government. I cannot believe that it once looked like this:

Doongalla Homestead c1910 from Richard Coxhill's "History of the Basin" (photo credited to a Fergus Chandler)
Bird on!


  1. A great set of photographs, Pete! I like the video too, it captured the experience nicely. I've never seen a Red-browed Treecreeper, even though they do live up here. They apparently stick to the tall wet forests, which The Dandenongs looks like it has plenty of!

  2. Great video and beautiful photos again Pete. Red-browed treecreeper, been keeping this one to yourself? Great shot.

  3. What a great selection, Pete! Your blog is always a treat to visit.

  4. Beautiful image and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the video!!!

  5. that should have read "Beautiful IMAGES"