Sunday, March 17, 2013

Butcherbird brightens dull morning

Finally some cooler weather in Melbourne! It is a dull, cool morning (13 deg celsius - that's 55'F) and it seems like we're skipping Autumn this year (it was 36'C only 5 days ago - that's 97'F) .

The dull morning was brightened by a visit from a young Grey butcherbird demonstrating all the classic butcherbird poses:

Immature Grey butcherbird (Cracticus torquatus), suburban Blackburn, Australia

Find out more about this bird at the Birds in Backyards Grey Butcherbird page including a nice recording of the bird's piping call.

Bird on!


  1. My friend in Balwyn has a very bold family of them, knocking at her window till she opens the doors and hands up mince they take directly from her.
    Mine get theirs at arms length via lemon tree branches, but despite getting very close they are yet to take directly. I do tell them I know they eat blue wrens.