Thursday, April 21, 2011

Raptor Domain

Ahhhh KI! where I nearly ticked Boobook, Barn & Barking Owl and Blue-winged kookaburra all in one day - not to mention close views of a wedgie & kestrel!

From the people that brought you the Alice Springs Desert Park bird show comes Kangaroo Island's Raptor Domain. This was a show with an intimate feeling which was really interactive. Anyone that wanted to was able to have close contact with the birds and the presenter was great as well.

Website: Raptor Domain

Ruby, Nankeen Kestrel
Ellen, with Boo, the Southern Boobook.

Kids from our group experience talons, courtesy Casper the Barn Owl.
Ellie, the Barking Owl

Like I said, the presenters were excellent (guess who got a Bronx cheer from our mob)!
From the holiday video.....

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  1. Great photos and the video was worth the effort, excellent job. It looks like you guys enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed our Black Kite experience in the West. Well done!