Saturday, March 5, 2011

Darter Processing

Having not seen Australasian Darter my whole life (according to my eremaea lists) there are now three sightings in nearly as many days:

Australasian darter (Adult male), Candlebark Reserve, Croydon Hills
The bird below was demonstrating great effectiveness at fishing, disappearing for 15-30 seconds and reappearing (doing the snake thing) with a fish on each dive (I saw 4 or 5). I just missed a photo of it tossing it's catch in the air to effect a neat swallow. I think it is the fish going down that makes the neck look deformed in this photo. I can't explain the white muck on the bill, it is in all of the photos - must be a Lilydale thing.

Australasian darter (female) or Snake-bird

Bird on!

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  1. I thought the new camera shot the frames fast enough to catch a fish! Maybe you need to upgrade ....